Sunday, June 10, 2007

G8 Gone Again

The G8 has concluded. With nothing much. We have the wrong group of people to analyze and we have the wrong prescription. This has been going on since 1975. Look where this has gotten all of us.

- Climate concerns are being ignored by the 8 people who think that they are in control of everything the moment they sit themselves down at the table.

- More money to Africa. Why isnt Africa the least developed after all these years and all these money?

From the last week, we have been on the news everyday. Footage of our demonstration were shown. Footages that were not shown were the clips of police manhandling individual protestors and the random firing of the water canon so many times.

Remember that we of different color came together and formed a voice far too loud for the incompetent G8 leaders to ignore.

Like what our grandparents would say, don't believe everything you watch on TV.

The G8 still dont care about the climate.

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