Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Agent Provocateur Revealed

The German goverment uses instigators to validate police presence

Non Globalizacion

At a G8 summit blockade near Bad Doberan, following repeated media warnings, a so-called "agent provocateur" has been unveiled. This violence provoking state employee has sneaked into the peaceful anti-G8 sit-in action and instigated people to violent deeds.

Apparently, various activists have tried to hold back until this unmasked guy, who showed up and let loose his aggressive temper. He urged people around him to use violence. But eventually some protesters identified this man in black with a policeman.

When the news about this man's identity went round, activists literally mobbed him. The agent provocateur was freed by some Legal Team members from the mess he'd got himself into and he was handed over to his police colleagues.

During the clashes between anti-capitalist globalization protesters and police it had already been cried out that violence by state paid agents provocateurs had massively contributed to the escalation of 2nd June in Rostock.

Peace Protest at Heiligendamm

So far, 200 arrests have been made today, of which 60-70 were arrested in a parking lot near the Rostock Laage airport. Two lawyers were not allowed through but, instead, warned that if they came back they would be arrested. At both detention centres in Ulmen and Industriestr., all lawyers were kicked out of the the lawyers room. An alternative media bus from Amsterdam was seized by police and the driver was physically forced to drive the bus. A Stern photographer was arrested for "inciting violence".

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