Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wolfowitz Quits

A very accurate article, Wolfowitz simplified. Good riddance.


Paul Wolfowitz, master mind of the Iraq War, left his post as U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary, after he got the destruction of Iraq that he and his Ziocon conspirators wanted. Bush then handed him the job of president of the World Bank where he and others thought he would advance the bank's debt and exploitation of the third world. But a man who cannot control his own sex urges cannot be expected manage the coffers of the Global Corporate Empire. His "resignation" and the chaotic struggle within the World Bank comes as one more piece of evidence that the empire is in crisis.

The hatred his World Bank colleagues quickly developed for him turned into an internicine, capitalist battle that left Wolfowitz vulnerable. When he was first trapped with his corruption, he pouted, a pathetic sullen figure - complaining that a "smear campaign" was being executed against him. Then he turned rabid against his colleagues at the World Bank, "If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too." Finally, today, he was cornered and this Bush-backed rat caved in and resigned. Bush was quoted in the news today saying, "I'm sorry it turned out this way".

Tonight, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson attempted to defend him on the PBS Jim Lehrer show. A stumbling, fumbling Paulson side-stepped every question asked him by Jim Lehrer, knowing full-well that Wolfowitz stood naked and without a credible defense. In a last desperate attempt to salvage something-Wolfowitz, Paulson told Lehrer that Wolfowitz "planted seeds" in Africa that will bear fruit in the future, attempting to depict him as a humanitarian. If Paul Wolfowitz planted any seeds in Africa during his brief tenure, they will only produce more enslaving third-world debt for which the Bank is now well-known.

In his career death-throes, Wolfowitz used the U.S. government to leverage a few face-saving words on his behalf and no doubt he will leave with money in his pocket. But Paul Wolfowitz will always be known for the millions of lives he has destroyed in Iraq and the destruction he has wrought in the Middle East and throughout the world. He thought his escape from the Iraqi War was clean, leaving the failure in the lap of George Walker Bush. But oh how the mighty are fallen. We share the knowledge with millions of others that the natural order of things and the new world revolution has brought down this enemy of the people. But the real reason Wolfowitz was canned is much deeper than his tawdry sex life. One has to look at the corruption and international exploitation of the World Bank to understand.

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