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! YA BASTA! Despite police repression and political propaganda, the summit will face one of the biggest mobilisations ever to shut down the G8.


Legal Team Telephone Number

The telephone number of Legal Team during the G8 summit: 0049 - (0)3820 - 4768111

For any legal help during the summit you can contact this number. The lawyers will be informed of your case. Please publicise the number.

Contact Points: The Convergence-Centers in Berlin, Hamburg and Rostock
Latest infos, local maps, legal hints and similar things will be available

G8 ScheduleTo enlarge image, click here.

Protest Line Up

Friday 1st June:
Temporary re-settlement of the "Bombodrom" - Area
(Call and infos | Dissent!)

Saturday 2nd June:
International Demonstration in Rostock (Call) ::
Stop the nazi demonstration in Schwerin (Infos) ::
6pm: Move Against G8 Concert

Sunday 3rd June:
Action Day on Agriculture (Dissent!)

Monday 4th June:
Action Day on Flight & Migration
Morning: Decentralized activities in and around Rostock
1pm: Demonstration to the center of Rostock,
5pm: Concert at the place of the final gathering of the demonstration,
7.30pm: Panel discussion
In general: Activities at refugee camps, deportation authorities, etc.
( | | No Lager | Dissent!)

Tuesday 5th June:
Action Day against militarism and war
Blockade of the airport Rostock-Laage

(Attention: Most likely this will be changed to June 6th, when the state representatives arrive)
(Call | Freie Heide)

Wednesday 6th June:
Mass blockades against the G8 Summit (Call | Block G8)

Thursday 7th June:
Demonstration from Nienhagen, Kühlungsborn, Bad Doberan, Kröpelin

Get There

There are many buses from several german cities and from Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands going to Rostock. (Overview of ALB) Furthermore Attac has organized three special trains to Rostock. They start in Salzburg (AUT), Basel (CH) and in Bonn (GER).

There are Convergence-Centers in Berlin and Hamburg, where you can try to organize your journey to Rostock, moreover people are planning to make car parades to Rostock, Schwerin or Heiligendamm to be more protected against repression.

The local train operator announced to offer a special Ticket for the time around the summit. It can be used for the public transportation system (2nd to 9th of june, 15 Euros). Tickets can be bought in the ticket selling counters, in regional busses and trains.


The Camp Working Group is trying to organize accommodation for those who come to protest around Heiligendamm. The actual situation is that there will be three camps, one in Rostock, one in Reddelich, and one in Wichmannsdorf. The camp in Rostock is closer to the activities of the first days, the others are closer to the place where the summit takes place.

Map of camps around Heiligendamm (
Map of camps around Heiligendamm (

The camps have serious financial problems! Please support them with donations if you can.

The protests against the g8-summit really cost a lot of money and all sectors rely on donations. For this purpose are numerous possibilities and can be found on the single sites of the sectors. The Camp and the Independent Media Centre badly need donations.

This will be updated frequently whenever updates are received. STOP G8!

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