Wednesday, June 27, 2007

G8 Prisoners

Even after the event, 2 summit prisoners are still being detained.


Red Help Rostock demands to immidiatelly release the last two remaining summit-prisoners, who are still held in custody in Waldeck jail. They were arrested on the big international demonstration at the 2nd of June during the brutal attacks of the police, in which countless protestants were hurt, some severly injured.

They are accused with breaching of the peace and obstructing the police.

One of the prisoners comes from Rostock. He is kept in jail because it is said that taking part in the demonstration at the 2nd of June was a violation of the conditions of his probation. The other prisoner is living in the Netherlands. N.Y. is working at the Institute for International
Culture and Art (VEK-SAV) and board member of the Association of Turkish Workers and Students (TIÖD). In 2002 N.Y. participated in the hungerstrike against isolation prisons and later on fled to the Netherlands. He is an acknowledged political refugee and, traumatized from what he had to experience in Turkish prisons, he had to take an early retirement and
psychological treatment, which has to be continued.

There is no reason to justify further detention of the activists. Doing this it gets clear that the police wants to continue their course of repression and intimidation that we experienced during the days of protest against the G8 summit.

We call all left, progressive forces and organisations to support the prisoners in political and material ways and to do everything in their power to set them free.


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

APEC Protest List

Another country attempts to drown our voices


Protest groups have accused police of drawing up a secret list of demonstrators ahead of September's APEC summit in Sydney.

They claim the basic democratic right to demonstrate is being undermined by new legislation on police powers now before the New South Wales Parliament.

Protesters fear those on the list will be arrested and denied bail for the duration of the APEC conference.

Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has challenged the government to reveal whether the Australian Defence Force would invoke their shoot-to-kill powers.

She has also called for the names on the list to be disclosed as she, and other members of parliament cannot be sure they are not included.

'How will somebody know whether they're on the list, and why don't they have a right of appeal about their placement on the list?' she demanded.

Finance Minister Senator Nick Minchin says he is unaware of such a list but promised to report back to the Senate on the matter.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vote for the Next WB President

MONTREAL – May 31, 2007 –The Social Justice Committee is polling people via the internet for their input on who should be the next World Bank president.

The web page asks users to provide their choice for the new president, give their nationality, and promise to vote only once. The results of the poll will be sent to the Canadian Minister of Finance.

“My personal vote is for Stephen Lewis,” said SJC Director Derek MacCuish. “I think he suits the criteria the World Bank’s Executive Directors have just set out – which we hope they’ll follow. But there are certainly lots of other good candidates out there, and we want to find out who they are.

The poll will close June 15, when the World Bank’s Board of Governors will make the final decision on the nomination. Although the World Bank governors have always accepted the United States’ nominations in the past, the stated Canadian government’s policy is for a “transparent, merit-based” process (according to the most recent report to Parliament on World Bank and IMF issues). We expect the Minister will push for other nominees to be considered.

If it is serious about getting a candidate that meets their criteria of ‘leadership, management and government reform experience, a commitment to development and multilateral cooperation, and finally political objectivity and independence,’ the World Bank needs to reform the selection process. Reform recommendations made in April 2001 have been ignored.

“The US administration has lost too much credibility to make its appointment of Robert Zoellick unchallenged,” MacCuish said. “So if the World Bank won’t follow its own reform guidelines, it’s time to look for alternatives.”

People can register their choice for World Bank president at

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

G8 Gone Again

The G8 has concluded. With nothing much. We have the wrong group of people to analyze and we have the wrong prescription. This has been going on since 1975. Look where this has gotten all of us.

- Climate concerns are being ignored by the 8 people who think that they are in control of everything the moment they sit themselves down at the table.

- More money to Africa. Why isnt Africa the least developed after all these years and all these money?

From the last week, we have been on the news everyday. Footage of our demonstration were shown. Footages that were not shown were the clips of police manhandling individual protestors and the random firing of the water canon so many times.

Remember that we of different color came together and formed a voice far too loud for the incompetent G8 leaders to ignore.

Like what our grandparents would say, don't believe everything you watch on TV.

The G8 still dont care about the climate.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Agent Provocateur Revealed

The German goverment uses instigators to validate police presence

Non Globalizacion

At a G8 summit blockade near Bad Doberan, following repeated media warnings, a so-called "agent provocateur" has been unveiled. This violence provoking state employee has sneaked into the peaceful anti-G8 sit-in action and instigated people to violent deeds.

Apparently, various activists have tried to hold back until this unmasked guy, who showed up and let loose his aggressive temper. He urged people around him to use violence. But eventually some protesters identified this man in black with a policeman.

When the news about this man's identity went round, activists literally mobbed him. The agent provocateur was freed by some Legal Team members from the mess he'd got himself into and he was handed over to his police colleagues.

During the clashes between anti-capitalist globalization protesters and police it had already been cried out that violence by state paid agents provocateurs had massively contributed to the escalation of 2nd June in Rostock.

Peace Protest at Heiligendamm

So far, 200 arrests have been made today, of which 60-70 were arrested in a parking lot near the Rostock Laage airport. Two lawyers were not allowed through but, instead, warned that if they came back they would be arrested. At both detention centres in Ulmen and Industriestr., all lawyers were kicked out of the the lawyers room. An alternative media bus from Amsterdam was seized by police and the driver was physically forced to drive the bus. A Stern photographer was arrested for "inciting violence".

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

For Global Freedom of Movement

While the rest of the media is focused on the "violence", they did not say that the March for Global Freedom of Movement and Equal Rights was successful and peaceful in spite of the long waiting. The riot police arrived but did not attempt to disrupt the march.

Waiting for Police
A lot of time spent waiting. Maybe for the police to gear up.

Protestors As One
Here we go!

Riot Police
Arrival of riot police.


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Monday, June 04, 2007

More Police Brutality and Renewed Ban

1. A convoy of 35 bicyclists was brutally attacked by riot cops near Rostock today. About 6 police vans followed them. When they left Rostock on the B 105 (the street to Camp Reddelich) the police cars switched on their lights.

The bikers stopped to let drive by the cars. But the cops began to beat them from their driving vans, tried to catch them and threw them from their bikes. They pepper sprayed them from less than one meter into their faces.

2. French Activists denied first aid. A car driven by french activists was involved in an accident on the highway at Rostock-West. The car of the french driver was hit by the car of a woman fallen asleep while driving.

Riot cops deployed from the demo in Rostock - arrived and began to threaten the injured french activists. They called them "dirty G 8 opponenents" and did not give them any first help or medical treatment.

They were brought to hospitals by some vans of the red cross. In one hospital the doctor did not give medical treatment. He said it is because "there´s no social insurance security card". He also stated the injuries were from the riots in Rostock - and not from an accident. A woman was begging him for at least some pain-stopping medicine but the doctor refused.

Finally they got first aid in the Camp Reddelich where they arrived by taxi.


Renewed ban on Heiligendamm march: protesters angry

Berlin (dpa) – A renewed German ban on protests within seven kilometres of next week’s G8 (Group of Eight) summit at Heiligendamm brought anger Friday from protesters who had hoped to converge on the venue.

“This is a rebuff to the peaceful protests at the G8 and a black day for freedom of assembly,” said lawyer Carsten Gericke, who had represented demonstrators in a lawsuit against the ban.

An administrative tribunal had upheld Thursday evening a ban on unauthorized marches up to a fence of welded steel mesh erected at a two-kilometre radius around the luxury Kempinski beach hotel.

During their convergence march on June 7, the marchers must stay about seven kilometres away on German federal highway 105, judges in the city of Greifswald ruled.

A tribunal spokesman, Eckhard Corsmeyer, said Friday the ruling reflected the venue geography: marching would block the country lanes down to the beach and obstruct fire and police trucks and ambulances if disaster hit.

Gericke said he was studying if there were grounds to appeal urgently to Germany’s federal constitutional court.

Leftists and groups critical of globalization have already been upset by police scrutiny of their movement, heavy policing at pre-G8 marches and this week by Berlin’s refusal to let 20 leftists attend the June 6-8 summit as reporters.

A Federal Press Office spokesman said 4,700 applications for media accreditation were received and 20 denied after vetting by federal police. He did not say why they were seen as security risks.

German journalists’ unions protested, saying the rejections created the impression that critical reporting was unwelcome.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Police Brutality Ahead of Talks

The German police took to the offensive, even before the meetings begin.

Police gearing up. Is this necessary?

3 Policemen taking down a protestor

Policeman 2512 stomping on protestor

Blasting the water canon at 2 persons holding a banner

Sneaky bastard attack

We come in peace and will not be intimidated.

Meanwhile, having Africa on the agenda has been a headache for the German government. Their concern is that the only story on the G8 and Africa will be about broken promises and how delivery of the 2005 pledges is disastrously off track. In the past few weeks, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been looking for a good news story - an announcement of an increase in German aid of around €2bn (£1.35bn) is likely - to mask the fact that the G8's agreement in Gleneagles is in danger of falling apart. It has gone to the wire, with still no agreement on how to word the commitment to the 2005 deal. More "sherpa" meetings of officials will be held today and tomorrow ahead of the summit opening on Wednesday.

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