Monday, January 16, 2006

No Deal At the Ministerial Conference

All right everyone, the good news is, no deal was struck at the Ministerial Conference last December. this is a victory! This shows that the protests were a resounding success. We have shown those imperialists pigs what people power can do!

On a seperate note, still good news, of the 14 who were put on trial, 11 (8 Koreans, 1 Japanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Taiwonese) were ruled innocent. The remaining 3 persons were charged. Yang Kyung Gyu (KCTU) with unregistered assembly, Yoon Il Gon and Park In Hwan (KPL) with unlawful assembly (possession of sticks). They are allowed to go back home under a bail of 30,000 HKD each. As they refused to recognise their charges they would have to undergo formal trials, the first one scheduled between 1st and 7th March. They have to return to Hong Kong to be charged.

It appears that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence. Yang, as one of the leaders of the Mission, was charged to order to put ‘political responsibility’ and as for other two, it was one of police chiefs who pinpointed them but with no concrete evidence. Park was a cameraman for KPL and the other, no concrete evidence. The 3 will continue to fight for their innocence. They are innocent and we must give them our support. Just because they fought for the good of the people who could not be present at the demonstrations does not make them gulity!

This year, we must continue to do our part to ensure that all WTO, IMF, WB meetings will be inconclusive. It is time to free the world!

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