Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Itinerary for the week of Ministerial Conference

The event that we have all been preparing for is now here. The WTO/IMF Ministerial Conference 6 will be held in Hong Kong from Dec 13-18. We have made plans for activites to be held from Dec 11-18.

The information below details the consensus between the civil societies and the police representatives on the venues for public activities, procession routes and rally space.

Now that the following consensus have been reached, get off that lazy chair and we will see you on the streets:

1) Public activities

Areas designated for the use of the Alliance and its related NGOs are: three soccer pitches at Victoria Park, its Central Lawn and Bandstand, as well as the Southorn Playground soccer pitches.

There will be sufficient instructions and road signs for overseas participants who join the public activities.
Smooth flow in all the passageways in these areas will be ensured and facilitated the flow in case of contingencies.

Management and control
A control panel and work closely with the Police and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to handle events and occurrences taken place in these areas.

2) Procession and demonstration

The procession routes:
11 December (Sun)
Victoria Part -> Hennessy Road -> Queensway Queen's Road -> Central Government Headquarters
13 December (Tue)
Victoria Part -> Gloucester Road -> Great George Street -> East Point Road -> Lockhart Road -> Marsh Road -> Rally Area in Northern Wan Chai
18 December (Sun)
Victoria Part -> Hennessy Road -> Marsh Road -> Rally Area in Northern Wan Chai

Rally area
The Cargo Handling Area in Northern Wan Chai and Wan Chai Sports Ground are the designated rally areas.

First aid support
Both the civil societies and the Police will provide first aid support.

Letter of No Objection
The Police have issued a letter of no objection.

3) Central Activities of HKPA

"Kong Yee Sai Mau: Stop Collusion between Government & Business!"
Rally: 11th December, 2005 (Sun) 2:00 p.m.
Venue: Victoria Park, march to Central Government Office
Cultural Event: 11th December, 2005 (Sun) 8:00 p.m. Victoria Park

"People Power to Protect our Livelihood, Security & Dignity"
Assembly and Rally: 13th December, 2005 (Tue) 11.00 a.m. Victoria Park, march to Wanchai Demonstration Area

"Onward With Peoples' Struggles, NO to WTO!"
Assembly and Rally: 18th December, 2005 (Sun) 2.00 p.m.Victoria Park, march to Wanchai Demonstration Area

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