Friday, May 08, 2009

Anarchist Movement Conference 2009 in London

June 6th/7th, Queen Mary University, London E1 4NS
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In less than 5 weeks The Anarchist Movement Conference will begin. We need as many people as possible to register for the event. The content and format of the conference are now online at There is also the details of the two gigs being organised to fundraise on May 9th and 16th.

As it is our first attempt at this we want to make it as much of a success as possible by bringing as many anarchists from around the UK down to it. It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss our ideas, where we are going wrong, where we are going right and get some sense of ourselves as a relevant movement.

To register for the conference please download the form at: and either send a cheque or if in London hand it in at Freedom. We will also be having a registration stall at both London benefits, so bring extra funds.

Ultimately the conference is what we make it, it can be a vital part to the growth of our movement and hopefully become a yearly point of convergence for all of us.

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