Friday, September 22, 2006

After Thoughts

It's been a most eventful meeting, I am glad we have managed to push forth many of our plans despite all the difficulties thrown our way. Many thanks to all and their hardwork.

Now with the farce of a meeting over in Singapore, we should focus our efforts on the meetings next spring. Wolfowitz’ public eleventh hour attempt to urge the authorities to give entry to us was simply baffling since he could have pulled the meetings out of Singapore easily had he intended to. This is a weak point in the WB which we can exploit and hopefully gain some leverage out of.

While I understand that some of us are focussing on taking the singapore Government to task, I fear that putting our limited resources on these actions will not have any direct benefits to our organisations. Using our valuable resources to target the WB specifically is in my humble opinion a more worthwhile venture as we can guarantee some good out of.

I am not absolving the Singapore government of blame nor slighting our friends who faced difficulties with the Singapore authorities, but in the long run, we should concentrate on the WB and its unequal policies. And we have an opportunity now and we should focus in to exploit this rather than pursue different agendas.

One lesson learnt is that most parts of Asia are still rather conservative. Our hope for a protest close to Singapore was also swiftly rejected by the Batam authorities. Hence this 2006, we lost our voice.

Another point to note is that approval from our respective embassies and accreditation from the WB is not good enough to gain entry to any country which is bent on flexing her muscles. We should seek to make WB accountable for our accreditation and if it guarantees entry into the country.

It’s not over yet. Here’s to a fruitful 2007.

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