Friday, August 04, 2006

International People’s Forum vs the World Bank / IMF

If any of us activists are put off by the oppressive laws of host nation Singapore for this year’s IMF / WB meeting, we are in luck this year. An alternative forum, yes another platform for us where can freely express ourselves has arrived. The International People Forum (IPF) deliberately clashes with the IMF / WB meeting.

International People’s Forum vs the World Bank / IMF

This September 2006, the IMF and the World Bank will be holding their Annual Meeting in Singapore on September 19-20. In the spirit of resistance to neoliberal policies and in keeping with the history of people’s struggles worldwide against economic domination, Asian movements together with an international group of networks, movements, campaigns and NGOs will be convening an International Peoples Forum vs the IMF and the World Bank on September 15 to 17. The Forum will be a convergence of activities and actions that articulate critiques, express protest and assert alternatives to the role, policies and operations of these institutions.


Batam: Venue of the International Peoples Forum

The main site of the IPF is Batam, Indonesia, which is 30-40 minutes ferry ride from Singapore. Other activities may also be held in Singapore.

Batam is approximately 30 minutes from Singapore. Round trip ferry ride to Singapore is around US$ 16, not including cost of Indonesian visa on arrival for those who require it. From Singapore international airport (Changi), you can take a bus or taxi to the pier.

The IPF site in Batam is located within walking distance to shops and to the pier (for the ferry rides to and from Singapore).


Please register with the International Forum organizers if you are planning on attending the events in Batam. Please download and email the registration form to (This is the same document as is posted under Calendar of Events above; document contains both event and participant registration forms). Download the invite here.

Convenors of the IPF:

1. INFID Indonesia
2. Freedom from Debt Coalition Philippines
3. Jubilee South Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JS APMDD) Africa Jubilee South
4. Jubilee South Americas
5. KAU Indonesia
6. Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA)
7. Focus on the Global South
8. Forum Asia
9. GCAP Asia
10. South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE)
11. LDC Watch
12. La Via Campesina
13. Solidarity Africa Network
14. Southern Africa Peoples Solidarity Network
15. African Forum on Debt and Development
16. 50 Years is Enough Network
17. Jubilee USA Network
18. European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD)
19. Bretton Woods Project (BWP)
20. Bank Information Center (BIC)
21. Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM)
22. NGO Forum on the ADB
23. Social Watch International
24. Action Aid International
25. Friends of the Earth International
26. Greenpeace International Gender and Trade Network International (IGTN)
27. Oilwatch International
28. Oil Change International
29. Development GAP
30. Networkers South-North
31. Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale (CRBM)
32. Si Ala Vida No Alas IFIs Southern Peoples Ecological Debt Creditors Alliance (SPEDCA)

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