Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Decentralised Direct Action Starts Today!

A weekend of nonstop protest action!

5pm: Mass Housing opens at St. Stephen’s Church at 16th and Newton

12PM: MGJ media stunt at IMF
1pm: Office Demos at WB/IMF/IFC affiliates - leave from the Park at 20th and
Pennsylvania Ave. NW, near the IMF
7pm: General Open Scenario Meeting at St. Stephen’s Church
7pm: Dinner served at St. Stephen’s
8pm: Leave from St. Stephen’s for Home Demo at Paul Wolfowitz’s house in Chevy

8:30-9:30AM: Breakfast at St. Stephen’s
9:30-10:30: DC issues Teach-in (all trainings at St. Stephen’s)
10:30-12:30: Medic training (safety in the streets)
12:30-1pm: Lunch
1-2pm: Legal training (know your rights in DC)
2-Dinner: Affinity Group training, formation and SPOKESCOUNCIL
7:30PM: Meet at Farragut Square for Night March and actions to capitalist points of

Time/PLace TBA: IMF Soccer Riot…bring your old spare balls

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